Why our company is unique

Private vehicles:

Transportation is one of the key elements considered when choosing a travel destination. We understand the value of this element and a result offer you the best and adept vehicles to carry you to the park and through the terrains with the maximum comfort possible. Our vehicles are not shared with other travelers since you get your own private vehicle as you booked the safari. With Private Guided Kenya Tanzania Safaris, you will be able to use stylish and luxurious private vehicles, which are flexible, comfortable and provides amazing wildlife viewing.

Visit game drivers

With our company, you will adventure deeply into the isolated wilderness where other safari companies do not reach. As you know that, several companies shuffle their visitors only through the most trafficked places on the normal safaris circuit. Moreover, they does not give them opportunity explore further.

Morning safaris

We offer our clients unique services such as sunrise game drives in order to witness predictors in action and get glance of herbivores when they are still active and fresh. Our company also provides well-packed picnic delicious breakfast so to eat it in the pristine ambience of the wilderness. We also provide buffet meals at the lodge.

Fly in- drive out travel plans

Vehicles transfers are tiresome and are not a great way to start you safari instead take a flight and enjoy your travelling. On the first day, we will fly you right away to the Serengeti to enjoy its beauty and natural fragrances.

We offer several game drivers

Every safari provides several game drivers without restrictions and with exclusive access to the most secluded wildlife parts in Tanzania and Kenya. This is because most of the companies offer unlimited services and your visit will be over before adventuring to other interesting places.

Unique Wildlife Encounters

In order for any safari to be successful, it must be planned. Most of our safaris itinerates are generated one monthly in advance in order to suit seasonal wildlife changes. All safaris include a particular drives for witnessing great wild beast migration. With our daily game drives, signature fly in/ drive out travel plan, park permits and our experts who understands well animal, you are assured to have animal viewing opportunity of your life time.

Isolated parks and reserves

We ensure that our clients are driven to the most isolated wilderness with amazing animals. Our safaris are unique because we ensure that, you maximize your wildlife sightings. We offer bush meals and game driving especially at the times when the package tours are busy having their buffet meals at the lodges. Private guided safaris will make your dream come true. Come experience the beautiful scenery with wide variety of wild animal species.

Animal migration

We understand the migration pattern of our species and our travel plans are tailored to certain month of travel in order to provide the most optimal game viewing. We are familiar with such migration and we will ensure that you are in the right place and the right time. Because of wild migration, some areas will be prolific with many animals while others will be devoid. Witnessing wild beast migration is the most beautiful thing. Private guided safaris will give you that opportunity. Be assured that our experts are there to put everything in place in order for you to have an amazing wild viewing.

Customizable and tailored itineraries

Private Guided Safari itineraries are designed in a way that accommodates every individual needs, as well as the traveling season. It is customizable in nature and you can adjust and modify to suit your intended needs. Our itineraries are generated for couples, families or friends.

The tour may be customized to include certain animals, culture and photographic preferences. Our lodging includes traditional safaris lodges, permanent tented lodges and mobile tented camps therefore, you preference will depend on your budget and style. You can designed you travel plan the way you want to fit you budget. We have experienced staff who will guide you customized your itinerary as you plan your safari. The aim of all these is to make you have fun and wonderful experience.

The most frequent ask questions by clients are what is the excellent time to go on safari? The answer to this question depends on you. For instance, there are some factors you need to consider before planning a safari. These factors include time, budget and interest. With those factors in place, you will be able to answer that question.

Our specialists are familiar with every habitant and wildlife regions, therefore never worry they will guide you on the perfect locations that will maximize your game viewing chances despite of year and the visiting season.

Our trips are adventurous, educational and safe despite anything you choose. We will work with you systematically when designing travel plan and we will ensure you fulfill the dream of your life. Our services will exceed our client’s wildest expectations.

Competent and Friendly Guides

The chief guide and founder of Private Guided Safaris, Mr. Nicholas Gikungu is a fluent English and Spanish speaker with over a decade of experience both as a tour leader and a travel operator. With such diverse knowledge and experience, Mr. Nicholas has earned a reputation of choosing the most adept travel guides to ensure that you not only receive full enjoyment of safari experience but also learn from it.

Your safety is our priority that is why throughout the entire journey expert drive guide will accompany you. Our guides are fluent in English and will guide at each step of the way. They will educate you about the local animals and the different culture of the people encounter during the visit to the parts and reserves.

They are well familiarized with the area, climate and the secret spots where you will optimize your animals viewing. They will ensure that you are comfortable and they drive with at most care. Before game touring, they will structure the timetable in order to accommodate all your day activities of your choice including time preference, game viewing duration and lunch breaks

They will put you in the right places at the right times and will help you avoid collision from other travelers. Private guided safari is an agency that operates 24/7 day and will help you plan an amazing and wonderful trip of your lifetime.

What are the Benefits of private safaris?

Select your own style of traveling

With the varieties of accommodations available ranging from moderate hotels, posh lodgers or permanent opulent tented camps or real camping, which are unique, you will be able to select the style of accommodation you like depending on your budget and preferences.

We have trained and competent staff who will guide you during the all process so to choose the accommodation of your choice. Our travel plans are well designed and will serve you despite of accommodation style and traveling season. Our tours are adventurous, safe and educational. We are there to make you visit memorable.

Setting your own agenda right

By choosing our luxurious private guided safaris, you will be making a memorable lifetime event. This is because of travel plans, times are neither rigid nor fixed unlike other companies who are rigid with their travel plans, and you need to stick to them. Our representatives are there to guide you in each step of the journey. They will also guide you through our a customized travel plan so to include what is necessary depending on your preferences and interest thus maximizing you game traveling throughout the season.

Private wildlife viewing

It is up to you to choose the habitats you want to adventure in, animals to watch and how long you will spend on every park. For instance, you may decide to view the big five or predators such as cheetah and lion or the big herbivores such as elephant, wild beast migration, rhinos, etc or combination of different species or maybe you passion is bird watching. According to your preferences, your guide will tour you to specific areas of your interest

Private guide and vehicles

You will have your own vehicle, taken to Specific Park or reserve of your choice where there will be unlimited space, no competition from outsiders, no politics and above all no conflicting interest. This will give you opportunity to choose the drive of your preference, explore, relax and enjoy the view. With the private outfitted 4-wheeled drive Stretched Land rover in place, you will have control of the vehicle without any restrictions. The vehicle is designed in a way you will be able to view larger area and sit comfortable.

Plenty of activities

All the activities provided are customizable and you will be able to do anything you feel like any time of the day and anywhere. There are quite a variety of drivers and tours to select from. We have different choices, preferences and test when it comes to game driving, it will be up to you to decide. Private Guided Safaris gives you opportunity of a life time and it will be up to you to choose the duration you want to spend on game drive watching specific animals, when to have lunch or return.

Game drive flexibility

It is up to you to choose the number and duration of game drive to visit. Our private safaris are flexible and gathers for every individual needs. For instance, some individual will tour from sunrise to sun set while other prefers short-term drive and spend the remaining time for leisure activities such as swimming.

Secluded areas

With our flexible safari, you will be granted the permission to access the most secluded parts and reserves. For instance, Serengeti is among the secluded parts, which is not allowed to be access on specific hours, but our safari packages allow us to explore Serengeti and its hidden gems.