Competent and Friendly Guides

The chief guide and founder of Duma Africa Safaris, Niko Gikungu is a fluent English and Spanish speaker with over a decade of experience both as a tour leader and a travel operator. With such diverse knowledge and experience, Mr. Nicholas has earned a reputation of choosing the most adept travel guides to ensure that you not only receive full enjoyment of safari experience but also learn from it.

Your safety is our priority that is why throughout the entire journey expert drive guide will accompany you. Our guides are fluent in English and will guide at each step of the way. They will educate you about the local animals and the different culture of the people encounter during the visit to the parts and reserves.

They are well familiarized with the area, climate and the secret spots where you will optimize your animals viewing. They will ensure that you are comfortable and they drive with at most care. Before game touring, they will structure the timetable in order to accommodate all your day activities of your choice including time preference, game viewing duration and lunch breaks

They will put you in the right places at the right times and will help you avoid collision from other travelers. Private guided safari is an agency that operates 24/7 day and will help you plan an amazing and wonderful trip of your lifetime.