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Kenya Safari Holiday

If you’ve never been on a Kenya safari you are missing out on an exciting experience of a lifetime. Kenya is one of the top tourist destinations in Africa and home to most wildlife animals including the big five; the Lion, the African Elephant, the Leopard, the Buffalo and the Rhinoceros.

A Kenya Safari Holiday means a thrilling wildlife adventure and cultural experience as you visit the major national parks/reserves and get to interact with the different communities in Kenya. Kenyans are a friendly people and everyone you interact with will make you feel at home. What’s amazing about a Kenyan safari is that you can enjoy this fun-filled adventure at a very friendly cost.

We have divided the safaris in several categories to give you an idea of what to expect

Kenya wild safari

A wild safari is the most exciting experience. This is one of the safaris that bring to Kenya hundreds of tourists from all corners of the earth. A Kenya wild safari means visiting the many Parks and Reserves in Kenya which include Maasai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo National Park, Amboseli National park, Samburu National Reserve, Hell’s gate National Park, Lake Bogoria National Reserve and Mount Kenya National Park among others.

In the above mentioned parks and reserves you will see hundreds of different animal species. Some of the major animals include the Cape buffalo, Rhinoceros, elephant, Giraffes, zebra, lions, cheetah, leopard, hyena, Jackal, the wildebeest, gazelles and hippos among other animals.

If you visit between July and October you will be lucky enough to witness the famous wildebeest migration. This is a migration of about 2 million wildebeests which leave Tanzania and cross over the Mara River into Kenya. The wildebeest migration has been named one of the wonders of the earth and witnessing it will make you understand why.

A Kenya wild safari also means going for road trips, game drives/game walks, camping safari where you camp in the wild, a Hot-air balloon safari where you get an aerial view of the wildlife and a fly-in safari where you get to see all the good parks in a small time span. Fly-in safaris are good especially for those who are on short holiday but want to see everything that Kenya has to offer within the few days.

A Kenya wild safari will also entail a lot of bird watching. Kenya is home to more than 700 bird species like vultures, ostriches, guinea fowls, herons, starlings and woodpeckers among others.

Kenya Adventure safari

As much as visiting parks and reserves is an adventurous experience, Kenya has other adventures to offer. If you love adventures that give you adrenaline rush, this safari is ideal for you. Enjoy adventurous activities such as horse riding, bungee jumping, hot-air ballooning, water rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing and camel riding among other exciting activities. A Kenya adventure safari will leave you excited and wanting more.


Kenya Beach Safari

Those looking for a relaxed safari should take a Kenya Beach Safari. Kenya is popular when it comes to beach safaris for its scenic and beautiful beaches; walking barefoot in the soft powder sand with a glass of juice or wine in one hand as you enjoy the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean while staring deep into the turquoise is the best feeling ever. A Kenya beach safari will also give you an opportunity to pleasure yourself in exciting watersports like boat riding, fishing, kayaking and swimming. Some of the beaches in Kenya include Diani beach, Nyali beach, Lamu beaches, Tiwi beach and Bamburi beach among others.

Kenya Cultural safari

Kenya has about 42 tribes and each tribe has its own cultural practices and history. All these cultures are beautiful and worth learning about. You can take a cultural safari just to explore the different cultures and interact with the communities where you will learn more about their lifestyle, traditions, art, music and food. Some of the widely known communities are the Turkan, the Maasai and the Samburu.

Kenya Honeymoon Safaris

Every year, Kenya hosts hundreds of lovers looking to enjoy their honeymoon in Kenya. All the places and things Kenya has to offer make it a perfect destination for a honeymoon safari. You can enjoy any of the safaris mentioned above or combine them all during a honeymoon safari.

Tailor Made Safaris

When it comes to tailor made safaris we are the experts. We have safari packages targeting the best Kenyan destinations and a safari with us means you will enjoy all the best that Kenya has to offer. We will also give you a list of the best hotels, camps and lodges offering accommodation.

Check out our Kenya safari packages below.

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