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Why should you visit Rwanda?

Rwanda is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa. With the growing economy, the government has put tourism on the frontline since it is one of the sectors that highly contribute to the country’s economy. So, why should you visit Rwanda? Located in East Africa, Rwanda is a beautiful country in terms of wildlife, culture and people. A holiday trip to this East African country will leave you exhilarated, satisfied and maybe a little tired. Rwanda is especially a haven for beautiful wildlife; the plants and animals you will see here will be forever in your mind. The country has about three National parks; Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe forest national Park and Akagera National Park. However, the major tourist attraction that Rwanda is widely known for is the beautiful mountain gorillas. People from all over the world visit the country every year to enjoy the exciting gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National park. Rwanda has the highest number of mountain Gorillas in Africa and is the best holiday destination for Gorilla trekking. Apart from gorilla trekking, the other reasons you should go down to Rwanda is to see the golden monkeys, the Colobus monkeys, go for the Dian Fossy Grave hike (Dian Fossy is the primatologist who brought Mountain Gorilla poaching to attention), enjoy bird watching and also learn the stunning Rwandese culture. Some tourists will just visit Rwanda for a cultural safari. There are different Rwanda safari packages to choose from and what’s more is that you can also have a safari package tailor made specially for you. We have packages where you can visit Rwanda only and enjoy all the activities and sights the country has to offer and other packages where you can choose to go to Rwanda plus other African countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

When to visit Rwanda

Rwanda has two major seasons which help you choose when to visit this spectacular haven. The first one is the dry season; long dry season starts from June to September and the short dry season between December and February and the second season is the Green season; long green season from March and May and the short green season from October to November. Apart from the seasons, the best time to visit Rwanda also depends on your reason for visiting and your weather preference. The weather patterns in Africa have however become very unpredictable lately. You can always consult us for advice on the best time to visit depending on your preference.

Things to do in Rwanda

Visit the National Parks

Rwanda has 3 major National parks;

1. Nyungwe Forest National Park- get the pleasure of tracking chimpanzees and doing a canopy walking this park. 2. Akagera National park- Take a trip to this park and take in the spectacular view of the savannah plains and grasslands as well as the diverse wildlife and bird species. 3. Volcanoes National park- This is where gorilla trekking happens. Excite yourself in this activity in the thick bushes of the park and also view major volcano activities. Rwanda’s primates that you’ll see during your tour are; the mountain gorilla, the black and white Colobus monkey, the Vervet monkey, Chimpanzees, the blue monkey, Red-tailed monkey, Olive baboons, Mona monkey, Golden monkeys and the Grey-checked Mangabey.

Visit the Grave Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey is a primatologist who started the fight against gorilla poaching and selling in Rwanda. She dedicated herself to the protection and conservation of mountain gorillas to save them from extinction. You will see her grave as well as the hut in which she lived in order to be close to the gorillas.

Visit Lake Kivu

Take a trip to Lake Kivu and undertake activities such as boat riding, swimming, kayaking, wind surfing and fishing. Visit the Rwanda Genocide Memorial sites There are about 8 genocide memorial sites in Rwanda. These sites were built in the memory of 800,000 Rwandans in 1994. It is an emotional trip that will open your eyes and inspire and in addition show you just how far Rwanda has come.

Visit the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village

Rwanda is a country known for its diverse cultural beauty. Cultural safaris are very common here where tourists come from all over to learn and enjoy the Rwandese rich culture. At Iby’iwacu cultural village you will enjoy traditional dances and songs, learn about traditional medicine, the history of the Rwandese culture and traditional food practices. If you are impressed- which you will definitely be- you can spend the night in one of the traditional huts.

  • Visit the Museums
  • Tour Kigali City
  • Important facts to know about Rwanda
  • You will need an East African Visa which you’ll be given on arrival
  • The Time Zone here is GMT + 2
  • You will need a Yellow Fever and Malaria prophylaxis vaccination upon arrival
  • Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and is also the entry point to Rwanda

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