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Zanzibar Holidays

Zanzibar is an archipelago island located about 25-50 km off the coastal mainland into the Indian Ocean. The Island covers a landmass of about 1666 square kilometers and is covered spectacular palm plantations and areas of coral scrub. The Island is made up of two huge islands and other small islands. The two huge Islands are Unguja Island which is the main island and Pemba Island.

Zanzibar Island is famous for its spectacular beauty and sceneries and receives thousands of tourists every year. From its scenic coastline, beaches, extensive palms plantations to the stunning historical sites, Zanzibar is the ideal beach holiday destination. There is something magical about it that makes it a popular haven worldwide.

Zanzibar city is the capital and is located on the main Island, Unguja. In Zanzibar city you will find the Stone Town which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In the Northeast Coast of Unguja Island is Mnemba Island, one of the smaller islands in which most of the beach hotels are found. Mnemba Island is a small Island that’s a special hideout for those wishing to have a romantic and intimate holiday. The Island’s outlook give creates a romantic atmosphere.

While most destinations are made as part of a long itinerary that involves visiting other destinations or countries, Zanzibar can stand as a solo destination in an itinerary. It has so many amazing places, activities to do and history/culture to learn that a one or two day visit won’t be enough. We encourage our clients to choose a Zanzibar Beach Holiday package and spend their entire holiday there. The simplicity of the town is what makes it outstanding. With only 5 main roads leading to the main town you can be sure not to get lost while exploring this town even on your own.

The beaches in Zanzibar Island are powder white and a barefoot walk will give you a refreshing soothing feeling on your feet. A walk on the beach on your bare feet will be a great way to thank your feet. The beaches are also a beautiful place to have a romantic dinner as you watch and listen to the waves of the Indian Ocean.   Zanzibar Island is narrow and has a watershed running through it. The most beautiful beaches in the island are found on the Eastern Coastline of the Island.

The Western side of the island where the capital, Zanzibar town is located is not a popular area for those who want to enjoy scenic views of the beach and other things that the beach has to offer. However, if you just want to have a quiet time along the beach in a secluded area, the Western side of the island is the place to go.

Some of the amazing things and activities that have made Zanzibar popular include but not limited to a small forest in which you can take a nature walk and spot the Colobus monkeys, the spice farms, beaches, variety of sea foods and exciting watersports like kayaking, scuba diving and boat riding.

We have compiled a list of the major lodges and beaches in Zanzibar Island to help with your holiday decision making.


Kizimkazi is a quiet village with a beautiful beach located in the Southern part of Zanzibar Island. The village which is low tourist populated is known as a fishing village and those looking to learn fishing will find it an amazing place. However, the thing that makes Kizimkazi village famous is its beautiful Dolphins. Dolphins can be spotted in the ocean while taking a boat ride and a few lucky visitors get to swim very close to the dolphins. Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience.

Kizimkazi is also home to a 12th century mosque that shows evidence of the Islam in East Africa.


On the North Western area of Zanzibar Island is a small village called Kendwa. It is located about 3km from Nungwi. Kendwa can be accessed by road or by water. On low tide, you can walk along the beach from Nungwi to Kendwa. This beach walk will be one beautiful walk as you enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean and the soothing of the powder sand.

There are very few properties on this side of the Island and thus many people do not prefer to visit it but those who do have always praised it for its quiet atmosphere.

Matemwe Beach Village

The other village in Zanzibar Island is Matemwe beach village which lies in the North Eastern side near Mnemba Atoll. Matemwe beach village is about 45 minutes from Stone Town. The beach has only become popular lately and tourism in the area has picked up real quick.

Matemwe beach village is one of the beaches that one can swim all day without the fear of a high and dangerous tide. Even in a situation where a high tide comes, you can still swim in the ocean and enjoy yourself.

Nungwi Beach

Sitting on the northern part of Zanzibar is the Nungwi Beach. The beach is characteristic of powder white sand and turquoise blue water in the Indian Ocean. Nungwi is accessible from Zanzibar by driving a distance of about 2hrs. To get there you can hire a taxi, use a private hotel vehicle or self drive in a hired car. Since it’s hard to get lost in Zanzibar Island, many visitors prefer top self drive.

You will find a boat yard in Nungwi Beach that you can use to go for guided fishing or for a simple boat ride. Deep sea fishing takes place at night. You can also visit an aquarium that takes care of turtles found by the sea. The turtles are taken care of until they are strong enough to survive in the sea on their own. The outstanding fact about the aquarium is that it is natural and uses water from the sea which flows into it through a high tide cliff. Other things to see include a tortoise, a python and a monitor lizard.

As much as Nungwi is a beach it comprises of a very beautiful village with a friendly community that makes the atmosphere feel more homely.

Bwejuu and Dongwe

Located South East of Zanzibar, this area has the highest number and most diverse range of hotels and lodges. It is one of the most visited beaches in Zanzibar. The tide is low most of the time making it a perfect area for swimming and snorkeling. However, this is not the best beach for diving due to its Southern location.

Kiwengwa and Pongwe

Located in the North Eastern part, Kiwengwa and Pongwe is the true representation of Zanzibar Island. The area has a number of amazing properties but still not overcrowded. The beach is one of the best and this area is a favorite for many visitors. The only thing that might put off some visitors is the absence of a town centre. However, there is a forest reserve; Kiwengwa/Pongwe Forest Reserve in which a few animals can be spotted. Some of these animals include the sunni antelope, snake species, the red Colobus monkey and blue monkey among others. A variety of bird species can be found in the forest too.


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