Why our company is unique

Private vehicles:

Transportation is one of the key elements considered when choosing a travel destination. We understand the value of this element and a result offer you the best and adept vehicles to carry you to the park and through the terrains with the maximum comfort possible. Our vehicles are not shared with other travelers since you get your own private vehicle as you booked the safari. With Private Guided Kenya Tanzania Safaris, you will be able to use stylish and luxurious private vehicles, which are flexible, comfortable and provides amazing wildlife viewing.

Visit game drivers

With our company, you will adventure deeply into the isolated wilderness where other safari companies do not reach. As you know that, several companies shuffle their visitors only through the most trafficked places on the normal safaris circuit. Moreover, they does not give them opportunity explore further.

Morning safaris

We offer our clients unique services such as sunrise game drives in order to witness predictors in action and get glance of herbivores when they are still active and fresh. Our company also provides well-packed picnic delicious breakfast so to eat it in the pristine ambience of the wilderness. We also provide buffet meals at the lodge.

Fly in- drive out travel plans

Vehicles transfers are tiresome and are not a great way to start you safari instead take a flight and enjoy your travelling. On the first day, we will fly you right away to the Serengeti to enjoy its beauty and natural fragrances.

We offer several game drivers

Every safari provides several game drivers without restrictions and with exclusive access to the most secluded wildlife parts in Tanzania and Kenya. This is because most of the companies offer unlimited services and your visit will be over before adventuring to other interesting places.