Now the decision is made and we have agreed that our next safari is Kenya Tanzania. What is the way forward? How are we going to formalize our booking or what is the procedure for confirming the trip dates? What you are needed to do is simple, follow these booking guidelines:

  • Legal names confirmation as they appear in your passports
  • Names of the credit card holder
  • Credit card billing contacts and mobile number
  • Credit card specification either Master card or Visa
  • Your credit card number
  • Send through different the email card expiry dates and the three-code digit found at the back of the card.
  • Upon the receiving of your full information, the safari reservation process will begin.
  • The 1/3 amount is needed for confirmation and the balance will be due 90 days before departure.
  • The trip approval and confirmation details will be send via invoice or confirm itinerary and trip authorization.
  • After the authorization is sign Kenya Tanzania. Com will send your safaris preparation kit.

Amount deposits, Balance due dates and special offers

How much money is required for a successful safari?
After confirmation you need to deposit 1/3 of the money but if your safari is less than 90 days full payment is needed. Moreover, after depositing the price is locked in.
What is the right time to make a final payment?
The final payment is needed to be performed 90 days before the departure.
What if I finalized may full payment early will I get a discount?
About that, you need to consult the experts for more detailed and elaborate information. There are several factors we consider before giving any discount for instance, how early the payment was transacted, group size, number of parts and reserves you are planning to visit, the duration you are planning to stay on safari.

Does your company offer special rates for kids?
Let say, children below 11 years travel at 70% rate of the adults if they will be sharing a room with two adults who have fully paid. However, if the kid shares a room with one fully paid adult or another child the full adult rate is applied.
What is the meaning of Single Room Supplement (SRS)?
It is when a traveler chooses to pay for individual room. This is a sub charge because our rule is that one room for two individuals.
Is it possible to do any credit card transaction through the phone?
Of course, yes, it is allowed and we can take your credit card transaction details via the mobile.

Is there any policy I should know about?

Termination policy

After a trip has been confirmed and approved, canceling it will cost you a certain fee. Therefore, it is good to be certain before planning any safari. You will be charge because the planners and administrators put allot of efforts and resource to make your dream come true.
We follow certain procedures and there are conditions we follow upon the receipt of a written notice confirming that an individual is cancelling the trip. These includes
Within a 90 day period before departure- the initial deposit is not refundable, but the good news is your money will not go in vain because we will retained as a future credit. This means that you can use that amount to book another safari within 12 months starting from the cancellation date.
89 to 45 days before departure-, you will be refunded but it will be 33% less than the initial amount.
Below 45 days, prior departure- there is no refund.
Special note, airfares are not refundable at all.


Are international airfares from USA incorporated in the safari price?
Our safari prices provided are only for ground arrangements but international fare trip from your town to other places are charged separately. For instance

  • Nairobi – Kenya (NBO)
  • Kilimanjaro- Tanzania (JRO) or
  • Arusha –Tanzania (ARK)

Do you offer airline-booking assistance?
Yes, our booking specialist will assist with airline reservation from any continent whether from West Africa or The United state of America- East Africa. We are there to make you feel comfortable.
How long does it take to fly from The United state of America to Kenya Tanzania?
Approximately 15- 16 hours, as you, know that most flights from The United state of America stops at London or Amsterdam before arriving to Nairobi Kenya or Arusha Tanzania.
New York to London or Amsterdam- 7 hours or more
London or Amsterdam- Nairobi/ Arusha- 81/2 hours

Are airport transfers included in Kenyan Tanzania Safaris?
No, it is separate and most of our customers purchase airline tickets with frequent miles accumulation.

Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance part of requirements?
Yes, it is advisable to have one in case of missed flights, lost or delayed luggage or medical related emergencies. This will give you comfort knowing that your trip investment is protected.
What are the kinds of insurance you offer and what are the conditions?
For US residents we offer CSA travel protection and RBC travel for Canadians. All the details are provided in the safaris kit, which is send to you after we have finalized your reservation. The rates differ from 5-8% depending on age other requested benefits.

Traveling Documents / Formalities

What are the required traveling documents?

  • Legal and valid passports and visas
  • Identification cards such as birth certificate or citizenship cards
  • And any other flying documents

In cases whereby persons under 18 years are, travelling without parents the guardian must have the following documents to prove they have the right to take the minor across the borders. They must have
Letter of legal consent-, which proves that the child was permitted to travel abroad.
Child support identification document such as birth certificate or citizenship cards.
Other valid documents such as divorce papers, death c certificate if one parent is death and custody orders from court.
Visit the nearest embassy for more details or ask for more requirements from the country you are planning to visit. Do not forget to check for other law and regulations affecting children from country advice and advisories.