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Bluebay Zanzibar Beach


Book this safariThis is the premier hotel of the Bluebay group of hotels. It is spread over 30 acres of tropical gardens with a beautiful view. This is graced with over a 1000 palm trees right on the edge of the wide sandy white beach on the island of Zanzibar. More to that it is situated on the finest, wide, white sandy beach in Zanzibar! Its GPS location is e39:22’31.56” #S 5:58’40.18.The cottages are located on a site that gives an overwhelming view of the ocean, gardens, swimming pools and the graceful palm trees. This is a perfect getaway for huge groups who are interested in sporting activities, couples who are out to have a romantic time and also families who enjoy having time together. Bluebay Beach Resort is the place to be!

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The breathtaking hotel has a total of 112 rooms with the following categories:

  1. Garden rooms.
    They are 3 bungalows with 2 suite bedrooms having each room at least 45 square feet. They have twin beds, en suite bathrooms, ceiling fan and many more details that anyone in-love with a good life cannot hesitate to experience!
  2. Superior rooms.
    These are bedroom cottages that are located on the serene view overlooking the verdant gardens, public areas and the swimming pool.
  3. Junior suites
    These are 3 bungalows with two suites each, much closer to the ocean. These rooms are large to a size of about 90 square meters per room.
  4. Sultan suites
    This is the perfect beach suite which is 100 square feet large. It is located right at the beach with a private beach compound which comes with butler services. It is likened to where Sultans would like to live!


The prices range between 136-342 Euros for the different types of rooms.


  • Banqueting
  • Weddings
  • Big game fishing
  • Sports facilities
  • Boutique
  • Scuba diving
  • Recreational and water sports center
  • Children’s club
  • Spa(oasis)
  • Conferences
  • Medical attention
  • Excursions
  • Honeymoons
  • Groups and incentives.


The hotel has been running for a couple of years and this has been accorded to our good services and our environmental policy that ensures that what attracts our tourists in the environment is properly taken care of.Book this safari