Unique Wildlife Encounters

In order for any safari to be successful, it must be planned. Most of our safaris itinerates are generated one monthly in advance in order to suit seasonal wildlife changes. All safaris include a particular drives for witnessing great wild beast migration. With our daily game drives, signature fly in/ drive out travel plan, park permits and our experts who understands well animal, you are assured to have animal viewing opportunity of your life time.

Isolated parks and reserves

We ensure that our clients are driven to the most isolated wilderness with amazing animals. Our safaris are unique because we ensure that, you maximize your wildlife sightings. We offer bush meals and game driving especially at the times when the package tours are busy having their buffet meals at the lodges. Private guided safaris will make your dream come true. Come experience the beautiful scenery with wide variety of wild animal species.

Animal migration

We understand the migration pattern of our species and our travel plans are tailored to certain month of travel in order to provide the most optimal game viewing. We are familiar with such migration and we will ensure that you are in the right place and the right time. Because of wild migration, some areas will be prolific with many animals while others will be devoid. Witnessing wild beast migration is the most beautiful thing. Private guided safaris will give you that opportunity. Be assured that our experts are there to put everything in place in order for you to have an amazing wild viewing.